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May 14, 2014 by Wade Prescott

I want to let you know how much I appreciate the restoration that you and your crew recently completed on my two industrial buildings, in Oceanside CA, totalling over 40000 square feet. Job was completed on time and the quality, as proposed, was better than expected.

I would also like to congratulate you and your crew for being so friendly helpful, and outgoing
Each of your crew, that i talked to, had a very positive attitude and acted as if they had ownership in your company. That is something you can be proud of!

Nov 30, 2013 by Doug Hamilton

I have known of and worked with Tip Top Roofing for a period of approximately four years

Westlake Industrial Village Sprayed Applied Foam Job
I have known of and worked with Tip Top Roofing for a period of approximately four years. We have worked on various projects from coating of foam roofs to spot replacement of crickets on large industrial buildings. During this time I have seen much evolvement and perfection of their craft as it relates to sprayed applied urethane foam roofing. The Westlake project is one that has continued to highlight the professionalism and innovation that Tip Top continues to exhibit on their field fabricated spray applied foam urethane roofing systems.

The Westlake Village Job Parameters
Many bids were being solicited by our mutual clients and spec/design criteria was all over the board. Tip Top won out with an action plan that would be put into practice right away. Perhaps the biggest obstacle would be the incredible amount of traffic human/vehicular moving around in this business park at any given time. The challenge right away would be blocking off the appropriate amount of space in the immediate vicinity of the building in order to successfully spray apply their product. Crews would come in very early in the morning and cordon off, with the owner’s permission, a large portion of the parking lot space. As an inspector for the Owner ground men were always observed during the foaming process. More importantly Tip Top devised a wind screen made out of a heavy nylon mesh material and erected it in the form of a tent that covered many square of roofing to be done on any given day. This INNOVATIVE approach to the project was well documented and appreciated by the Ownership and I. Surprisingly his crews meshed well with the tent moving support poles to accommodate even coverage of primers and coatings, achieving a well made, field finished product that all would be happy with.

Perhaps the BEST PRACTICES observed by our team was the consistent use and acknowledgement of safety standards, OSHA and otherwise while the whole while crews maintained a can do attitude and were cordial with West Lake Village tenants and staff. Tip Top would utilize their PROBLEM SOLVING skills by tearing out all drain sumps to the plywood decking. This would accomplish two basic but needed things: 1. Would verify that there was no rotted decking in these typically high problem areas. 2. Would provide and even greater drainage sump for these roofs which were primarily set up to accommodate a one way fall to drain slope. This would minimize residual water laying in the water ways for longer than normal periods prior to drying.

Hose guards, a pet peeve of this consultant, were utilized every step of the way with hoses observed to be taped well and or covered and sleeved. This prevents any unnecessary spillage in the event that the hose might breech and or a coupler failed. Our firm does and incredible amount of coating work, including but not limited to restoration system in acrylic and urethane, as well as, silicone and we have seen what can happen when hose guards are not employed. I was please with the acceptable and common sense approach to RISK MITIGATION employed by and insisted upon by Tip Top’s

Management and staff.
During the course of this project and another similar project for the same owner, and prior to completion of any given building at one time, tenants were noted as saying that they were already noticing the positive effects of the increased R-Value that the sprayed applied urethane foam has to offer. A gratifying thing to hear for the crews installing the system and a welcome obvious savings for the Owner’s responsible for utility bills. This system realized TRUE VALUE for the MONEY almost immediately with noted comments to that end.

As a team effort the Pre-Construction meeting would set the tone for what would turn out to be flawless delivery of materials, product Manpower and equipment to the job site with the tenant’s best interest always at heart. This project is 16 buildings and was consistently noted to be running ahead of schedule. The SPEED OF DELIVERY and commitment of Tip Top’s Staff was exemplary and something the many aspiring spray applied applicators could benefit and learn from. I am personally aware of coated roofing systems that have been around and are “sustainable” for over forty years from the Stockton to the Sacramento area and am convinced that these roofs in West Lake Village, with the appropriate care and maintenance of the roofs moving forward, have not only resolved the biggest ENVIRONMENTAL issue of keeping tear off debris out of land fills, but have provided the Ownership with roofs that are cost efficient and SUSTAINABLE for many years to follow.

I have numerous photos taken during several site inspections that are actually contained in our issued field reports. These could be provided upon request, and we would be happy to share them with the contest officials.

, USA 5.0 5.0 2 2 I want to let you know how much I appreciate the restoration that you and your crew recently completed on my two industrial buildings, in Oceanside CA, totalling over 40000 square


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