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Your GAF System Roofing Contractors in Corona, CA

Tip Top Roofing, Inc. is proud to be a certified supplier of the GAF roofing system for all of your Riverside roofing needs. Known for the ultimate roofing quality, the GAF system offers superior protection for your home and belongings. We know how to properly install GAF roofing so that you can enjoy years of beauty and worry-free protection.

Your Certified GAF Lifetime Roofing Experts

Homeowners looking for the best Corona roofing services need only look to Tip Top Roofing, Inc. We deliver the best in GAF-certified products and workmanship so that you can trust your home will be fully protected for years to come.

A Complete Roofing System

Tip Top Roofing, Inc. has chosen the GAF system for its reputation and durability. When you have our roofing contractors in Corona, CA install your GAF roof, you know you are getting only the very best. Your Tip Top Roofing GAF system will include:

  • Lifetime shingles

The most popular shingles in America, GAF Lifetime Shingles come in many different colors and styles and offer an unbeatable warranty.

  • Roof deck protection

Felt and underlayment allow moisture to be released from the attic and protect against water entering the roof system.

  • Leak barrier

As a roof settles, small spaces can open up allowing the opportunity for leaks, especially on shadier sides of your home. A solid leak barrier prevents this and is an integral component of the GAF roofing system.

  • Starter strip shingles

Use of special shingle strips along the edging can help reduce waste and save you money. They also increase the adherence of other shingles to increase lifespan in windy conditions.

  • Attic ventilation

Your roof can be a source of tremendous energy loss or savings—Tip Top Roofing, Inc. makes sure yours is the latter and not the former with special ventilation to encourage excess heat and moisture to leave the attic. This helps you reduce energy use and costs and prevents interior paint damage and peeling.

  • Ridge cap shingles

At Tip Top Roofing, Inc., we know that the small details can make a big difference. The inclusion of ridge cap shingles not only adds an element of elegance to your roof’s appearance but delivers additional protection against leaks along seam lines.

When you want the best in Riverside roofing with a lifetime warranty, let Tip Top Roofing, Inc. install your GAF roofing system.

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