SPF Roofing Service in Arcadia

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All About Our Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing Service in Arcadia

What is SPF roofing?

Spray foam roofing, or Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofing, is a versatile, durable liquid roofing option that is used on existing rooftops. It has an impressive ability to last more than 50 years under any weather conditions, and it has been utilized for a variety of applications since the 1960s. The application process requires combining two reactive chemicals, B (isocyanate) and A (polyol/resin) on location, then applying them to the roof’s surface with spraying tools. Chemistry and equipment advances have made polyurethane roofing more and more reliable over the decades, so the product we use at Top Top Roofing is top-quality, time-tested, and proven.

Are spray foam roofs durable?

With a remarkable compression strength of 50-60 PSI, spray foam roofs exhibit exceptional durability, making them a reliable choice for supporting foot traffic. Should your property demand regular rooftop access for machinery maintenance, the incorporation of walkways can be seamlessly achieved with a few additional installation steps. Just get in touch with our local SPF roofing service, convey your specific needs, and we’ll be delighted to exceed your expectations!

How are SPF roofs installed and what are the installation requirements of this roofing material?

Spray foam roofing offers efficient installation with minimal tear-off work for SPF roofing companies, making it superior to traditional systems. Because it is applied by spraying, working around roof penetrations is a breeze, fewer resources are required, and installation time is much shorter than other options (such as rubber roofing). In preparation, your dependable spray polyurethane foam service ensures the existing roof is thoroughly cleaned of contaminants and dirt using either vacuuming or air pressure.

The initial stages of the process involve the mixing and application of polyurethane foam, composed of a blend of isocyanate and polyol/resin. This results in the formation of a seamless, solid foam layer measuring approximately 1 to 1.5 inches in thickness, which can be customized to suit various roof slopes. Following this, the roof is coated with a layer of acrylic or elastomeric silicone, embedding granules with a thickness of 20 to 30 mils. This coating plays a vital role in enhancing fire protection, weather resistance, and UV shielding, ultimately delivering a roof that is resilient, enduring, moisture-resistant, renewable, and entirely seamless.

What are the advantages of SPF roofing?

Because spray foam roofing is very resistant to heat flow, it has a high R-value, indicating excellent energy efficiency and insulation. Its renewable nature, combined with a seamless and self-flashing installation process, ensures quick installation. With a well-established history spanning over six decades, spray foam roofing is both cost-effective and easy to maintain, ensuring long-term durability.

How long do SPF roofs last?

A spray foam roof, when subjected to regular maintenance and timely re-coating under the care of your trusted SPF roofing company, has a virtually limitless lifespan. These continuous maintenance and re-coating practices safeguard the roof’s capacity to offer steadfast protection and insulation, rendering it an economical, enduring roofing choice for your property.

Are spray foam roofs renewable?

Spray foam stands out as a distinctive roofing material because of its capacity for renewal through routine re-coating. In general, a well-preserved and meticulously installed polyurethane roof can provide reliable service for 10 to 20 years before requiring re-coating. Our Arcadia spray polyurethane foam roofers recommend re-coating when they observe significant thinning of the roof’s protective layer, leading to insufficient UV protection – typically occurring around a decade post-installation. This process of renewing a spray foam roof ensures its long-lasting and sustainable performance, often supplemented by extended warranties offered by coating manufacturers to cover this particular procedure.

How are spray foam roofs repaired and maintained?

Opting for Tip Top Roofing for your spray polyurethane foam roof repair ensures that keeping your SPF roof in top condition is a straightforward process. Your SPF roofing contractor can swiftly and easily address minor repairs in three simple steps: eliminating the problematic area, ensuring it’s dry, and applying even caulking. We’re dedicated to enhancing convenience for our Arcadia SPF roofing customers, making both repairs and maintenance tasks highly efficient and effortless.

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