What Exactly is a "Foam" Roof?

A foam roof is made from closed-cell polyurethane and is applied to your existing roof using a high pressure spray method. Typically 1.5” thick, the durable surface is rigid and is the only roofing material that has no seams. Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) bonds around pipes, vents and edges instantly forming an impenetrable barrier that makes these normally vulnerable areas dry and leak proof.

what are the immediate benefits to using spray polyurethane foam?

Applied directly over asphalt, shingles, built-up roofs, clay tile, concrete, metal and wood
Produces energy savings of 30% compared to alternative roofing systems
Evens out roof surfaces so there are no dips where water can collect
Requires fewer people to apply, reducing the likelihood of accidents
Can be applied rapidly with little or no disruption to the facilities
Self-flashing and seamless. Translation: NO LEAKS
Requires minimal upkeep to remain under warranty
Conforms to all roof shapes and types
Lasts forever if properly maintained

Why should i choose foam over more traditional methods?

  • “Green” Renewable Roofing
Spray foam is applied directly over the existing roof making the need to fill the landfill with old, worn out shingles, tar paper, etc unnecessary. With proper maintenance of the upper coating layer, the roof will last the life of the building and following the recommended maintenance schedule provides long-term savings as there is never a need to re-roof again.
  • Unbeatable Insulation
Like interior foam insulation, a spray foam roof creates an air tight barrier to keep outside air, outside. A further benefit is that due to the lack of air infiltration, allergens and pollens entering the structure improve air quality markedly.
  • Substantial Cost Savings
The speedy installation process and reduced labor costs are just the beginning when considering cost savings. Air leakage is reduced by 83%, reduced gas use by 40% and electrical consumption goes down by an estimated 25%.
White roof - Spray Foam Insulation in Moreno Valley, CA
Spray foam process- Spray Foam Insulation in Moreno Valley, CA
White foam - Spray Foam Insulation in Moreno Valley, CA
Available in white, tan and gray, the Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roof is aesthetically appealing as well and durable and cost effective.