SPF Roofing Service in Aliso Viejo

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All About Our Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing Service in Aliso Viejo

What is SPF roofing?

Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing, or spray foam roofing, is a durable and versatile liquid roofing material applied to existing roofs. It has been used since the 1960s for various applications and in many regions, and it can last over 50 years in any climate. The process involves mixing two reactive chemicals, A (polyol/resin) and B (isocyanate), on-site, then spraying them onto the surface of the roof. Advances in equipment and chemistry have improved the reliability of polyurethane roofing over the years, so the product used today by Tip Top Roofing is proven, time-tested, and high quality.

What are the advantages of SPF roofing?

Spray foam roofing boasts a high R-value (a marker of heat flow resistance), providing excellent insulation and energy efficiency. It is a renewable option, quickly installed due to its seamless and self-flashing nature. With a proven track record spanning more than 60 years, spray foam roofing offers long-term durability and ease of maintenance – and it’s cost-effective to boot.

How are SPF roofs installed and what are the installation requirements of this roofing material?

Spray foam roofing offers efficient installation with minimal tear-off work for SPF roofing companies, making it superior to traditional systems. Its spray application simplifies work around roof penetrations, reducing installation time compared to materials like rubber roofing and requiring fewer resources. Preparation involves your dependable spray polyurethane foam service cleaning the existing roof of dirt and contaminants using methods like air pressure or vacuuming.

The process begins with applying polyurethane foam, formed by mixing polyol/resin and isocyanate. This creates a solid, seamless foam layer, approximately 1 to 1.5 inches thick, which is adaptable to various slopes. Afterward, the roof is coated with elastomeric silicone or acrylic, embedding granules and measuring 20 to 30 mils thick. This coating provides UV protection, weather resistance, and meets fire safety requirements. The result is a seamless, highly durable, resilient, moisture-resistant, and renewable foam roof covering.

How long do SPF roofs last?

A spray foam roof, when diligently maintained and recoated as needed, boasts an indefinite lifespan. Regular maintenance and recoating by your trusted SPF roofing company will ensure that the roof continues to provide reliable protection and insulation, offering a cost-effective and long-term roofing solution for your property.

How are spray foam roofs repaired and maintained?

Maintenance of your SPF roof is a breeze when you call Tip Top Roofing for spray polyurethane foam roof repair. Minor repairs can be easily and quickly handled by your professional SPF roofing contractor. The process involves three simple steps: cutting out the defective area, drying it out, and applying caulk while ensuring a smooth finish. Most repairs and maintenance tasks can typically be performed very efficiently and effortlessly because we want to make life just a little simpler for our Aliso Viejo SPF roofing customers.

Are spray foam roofs renewable?

Spray foam roofing is unique because it can be renewed through periodic re-coating. Typically, a well-installed and maintained polyurethane roof may not require re-coating for 10 to 20 years. Re-coating is advised when the coating thickness decreases to the point where our Aliso Viejo spray polyurethane foam roofers find that it no longer offers effective UV protection, often happening after a decade or so. This renewal process, often accompanied by extended warranties from coating manufacturers, ensures that a spray foam roof remains sustainable and long-lasting.

Are spray foam roofs durable?

Spray foam roofs exhibit remarkable durability with a compression strength of 50-60 PSI, making them capable of supporting foot traffic. For properties requiring regular access for rooftop machinery maintenance, walkways can be easily incorporated with a couple of extra steps – just speak to our local SPF roofing service about your specific requirements and we’ll be glad to exceed them!

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